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About PK Margis

PK Margis is a professional artist living in California and creates fine art oil paintings in the styles of NeoSurrealism and NeoPrecisionism.

"I've been an artist and painter as far back as I can remember. Really my whole life. But I officially started my career in art when I attended Moore College of Art and Design as a sculpture major. I then went on to work as a ceramicist in Belgium and travelled to Paris, London and Rome to explore the European art world. When I returned to the US, I went on to work as a Creative Director for a major retailer and then for a science/medicine website. In 2013 I moved back into painting full time. I really wanted to get back to a deeper and more personal level of creativity. The oils, pigments, cottons and woods allowed me to do this. Returning to painting became my collaboration with the earth. I only take half credit for these joint creations. The earth has created the other half.

I spent my early summers at Oak Lawn in the same house on Lake George that Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz lived. Like Georgia’s paintings, I was deeply inspired by the lake, islands and surrounding oak trees and see these as my foundational inspiration. At an early age I walked the same halls and grounds as Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O’Keeffe. I walked where they walked, and I saw what they saw."